Thursday, February 21, 2013

TA - DA !!

btw, the birthday was over , the euphoria is done, 
the question is,
is it the end or the start of quarter life crisis ?
ugh, fuck.

Another Feb 17

It's 12.16 am, on feb 22, today is my 4th day in my new age.25 years old girl.
On Feb 17 my friends gave me surprise, as long as i remember, they always give me surprise since my birthday in 2010, so yesterday was the 4th :D , the girls are amy , teten , cowcow and the queen trash, ancala. but here are the additional member nia and nana, and alsooooooo.. my boyfriend, rangga. :)
as always, the surprise consist of violence, bad words, and bullying. even my boyfriend bullying me :(
and in the end, there is an accident, 2 cars crashed right before we decide to go home. what a gore closing. and the people around street give applouse when the accident happened, what a fuck attitude. *dasar endonesah*
back to the track, as a birthday girl, i had some gifts they gave me. nana gave me 2 bottles of the famous sambal bu rudi fresh from surabaya, nana and ulman (nia's bf) gave me growbox, you can grow your own mushroom, as i like mushroom much,i really curious about it but unfortunately i never make time to buy it yet, so when nia gave it, i really excited to start growing my own mushroom :D, the girls gave me these-complete-head to toe-shower stuffs. since i'm so lazyyyy to take bath, they have idea to give me some shower things, but so sorry girls, as i love you so much, i won't break the gift so i decide to let it wraped like it was. NGHAGHAHAHAHGHA.
and another excited thing came from rangga, he gave me fujifilm instax mini 7s, yeayy! it's been a while since i stop taking pic with my holga, because its broken blitz, but i think i wanna make a lot of pic with this instax cam, if i compare with my octopus cam or my old holga it's wayyy easier to use,i wanna walk along, find something cuties to take pic with :)
i forgot to take the picture of the gifts, so i decide to post this later, maybe afternoon. with the photos :D
 Oh yes! here's the picture! i forgot to take pic of sambal bu rudy but my tummy is my witness :p

thank you so much for every wishes and gifts, i love you all <3>