Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011


last month my boyfriend asked me to draw just one artwork.just one..but i was soooo lazy fat big ass girl that time..that "just one" heard as hell as "get up" for me.haha
i asked him "for whatt?whaaaaaat for??"
he answered "drawn together,siena art institute,ITALY"
and i just .."oh okeeeeee!"

and as he made 2 artworks,these i made 2 mixed media artworks too >:)
these are pics from my pc's cam :)

the rules of this exhibition are, we have to draw into paper in postcard size,that paper could be in portrait or landscape position,mixed media are allowed,and without the artworks display originally look like this.
and oh lookkk i can find out where's mine!

for more info and pictures you can click here! :D