Monday, November 26, 2012

Jumat Jahat #3 Deus Experimentum

Friday 23rd November 2012
at Itenas
 and here's my old new artwork for this event

 "Nadir , mixed media in a4 paper "

Too bad this only one day event held in cloudy and rainy rain, 
but it's still nice to meet old friend there :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012



"Well, having a new boyfriend is still an interesting thing in my life now. In this almost three two months we keep observing, our different languages, different thoughts, different way to say thank you, different expression to tell 'I'm mad.' and much more."
reblog from my friend's blog

and i agree with that ;D

"And you my dear, you have the most sincere smile that a man could have, 
I love you for it :) "

Monday, November 5, 2012


After long break, finally here is my first exhibition in this year,the exhibition held by ,from the language i guess it is Italian :D 
This is my first digital exhibition, the artwork must be made in A4 paper, folded like example, all technics allowed. for this project i made a little art book, it was an old story that i made when i still in college. I give it the tittle "A Little Girl , Pigeon And Pine Tree". Why must pine tree? you know, I had this kinda chemistry with this tree, i like it a lot and most of my mixed media artwork done in pine wood media. so klik here and visit the gallery of they have many good artworks there from many country :)
or klik here to see mine!